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About SWIFT Code

What is SWIFT Code?

Swift- Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication Code is a standard format of BIC - Bank Identifier Codes. It is unique identification code for bank. These codes are used for international money transfer between banks. It is also user for banks to exchange other messages between them.

The Swift code Usually contains 11 characters but Primary office's SWIFT codes are consists of 8 characters.

Format of an Swift Code

For Example,
  • First 4 characters : Bank Code - Contains A-Z (Here, HDFC)
  • Next 2 characters : Country code - Contains A-Z (Here, IN)
  • Next 2 characters : Location code - Contains A-Z 0-9 (Here, BB)
  • Last 3 characters : Branch code, optional - Contains A-Z 0-9 (Here, xxx)